Louwrens Koen Attorneys - Why use us to register or assist with the administration of your Family Trust.

What will we do:

We will assist you to:
Protect your assets from creditors.
Lgally pay as little tax as possible.
Make provision for your estate to be passed on to your beneficiaries as smoothly as possible.
Maximise your overall profits when buying property and significantly reduce your CGT and estate duty bill.
Avoid all inheritance tax liability.
Ceate personal confidentiality.
Safeguard against financial loss in your own business.

Document Security and Privacy

Our services are provided from our secure commercial office. As an Attorney and Notary lawfirm we understand the concept of utmost confidentiality. We process all facets in-house and personally. We do not use any agents or third parties in the legalisation process. We have a very strict privacy policy.

Process friendly company.

We understand the registration and administration of a Trust can be confusing and stressful. We strive to be a process friendly company, clarifying and streamlining the process for you. If unsure ask and ask again. We will take time to explain the process and your options.

Knowledgeable Staff

We have literally assisted thousands of clients over the years with their document legalisation needs. We are one of the few attorney firms in South-Africa that specialises in apostille, notarisation, authentication and legalising of documentation for use outside the borders of South-Africa.

Louwrens Koen Attorneys

Louwrens Koen Attorneys, Conveyancers and Notaries have a modern outlook on life and have modern solutions for today's problems and needs without compromising on traditional values. Louwrens Koen was admitted as an Attorney in 1995. He is also an admitted Conveyancer, Notary Public and University Guest Lecturer.