What Does a Trustee Do? Independent Trustee.

What Does a Trustee Do?

A Trustee is responsible for managing all of the property owned by a trust for the benefit of the trust beneficiaries. The exact duties of a Trustee will vary based on what assets are owned by the trust. For example, if the trust consists of bank and investment accounts, then the Trustee will be responsible for overseeing these accounts. Or, if the trust owns rental real estate, then the Trustee will be responsible for managing the rental property.

The Trustee can, depending on state law and the terms of the trust agreement, delegate certain duties to others, such as hiring a financial advisor to oversee investments or hiring a property manager to oversee rental real estate. But the Trustee must use good judgment and due diligence when delegating duties and must also avoid any conflicts of interest (such as hiring a sibling as the trust's investment advisor) unless the beneficiaries consent.

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